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Friday, October 14, 2011

Alexis @ The gardens mall

A very high class restaurant that sell Westerns... it is a Bistro wine bar kinda restaurant ...
But me n my frens purpose again to go there is jus for their "tiramisu cake" which so far i feel in M'sia the best one ever tat i taste which is without any alcohol in it ...

Cake: 9/10 their cake is not tat sweet so those that are afraid of sweetness ... >.< can come here...

Environment : 9/10 ... the architecture for the place is lik a very High class restaurant ... ( more lik fine dining restaurant if u ask me )

Price : one word for us teenagers "expensive" yet nice to treat yourself once in a while time...


Tiramisu Cake ( is a must to call when you are at here ... its cover with cahsue nut on top and the side so when u eat it its a lil bit crunchy yet the cake is soft that is easy to melt in your mounth , with strawberry jam aside and you can choose to put it together with the cake .. yet i found tat eating the jam it self taste nicer )
pavlova ( is not a cake actually on top is fill with fresh strawberry and blueberries and a layer of cream which is not at all disgusting as those supermarket cream this cream will melt in your mouth and the outer layer of it is the crust which is very crunchy and the middle is lik mush mellow the whole combination is really good and delicious ... mouth watering )

other sites

Food Foundry @ section 17 PJ

Me and my frens main purpose of coming here is to taste the Layer cake which is so famous in Melaka ... but we dint wanted to go all the way there so we ended up trying one here ...

there is a lot of flavor of layer cake here ... durian, chocolate , strawberry, the original one which is the vanilla which my fren say it is the best one here and coincidentally when we go there that was the last piece ... and of course some other cakes as well... and there oso have main course dishes here too which is Western ...

Cake : 8/10 i m a fan of desert ... so far i feel it taste nice...

Environment : 7/ 10... the place is an open air place which is quite hot sometimes... but overall is ok ...

Price : A piece of cake cost about RM10...

Environment ...

the original taste layer cake (vanilla)
durian taste layer cake

Other Sites:

BG8 Happy Mansion,, Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Telephone Number
03-7955 3885

google Map

Otak Otak Place

This place actually have a lot of franchise ... but unfortunately i only tried once before which is at here Tropicana Mall one ... if your Local n you love eating local food however the weather is hot ... u wanna be in a retaurant which have air conditioning ...than his is a OK place for u ... >.<

Food : a average malasysian food 7/10 there is the original flavour of laksa taste , tomyam taste ... which some of the malaysian franchise restaurant don't ...

Environment : average too 6/10 ... their decoration theme for the restaurant is lik Melaka nyonya n baba theme ... which have a lot of antique being decorated inside the restaurant ...

Pricing : is average too ... but they are having set lunch now ... which is an average price of Rm 15 -20 for a main dish and a cup of drink ...


tomyam beef ...(the beef is kinda hard )
Kiwi ice blended ( surprisingly tasty )
Asam Laksa (normal)

curry nasi lemak (normal)
fried keow tiow
fried Mee

Locations ....

One Utama Mall

Lot LG311b
One Utama Shopping Mall
Bandar Utama 47800 petaling Jaya

Tel: 03 77274181
Tropicana Mall

Lot L1-58, 1st Floor
Tropicana City Mall, No3
jalan SS20/27,4700 petaling jaya

Tel:03 77280403

Suria KLCC

LOt 7b , signature food court , Suria KLCC

Tel:03 21612633

Other sites...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vary Pasta Damansara Jaya

if you 're a Italian food lover ... u must be loving this place....
is a very famous restaurant ... well during lunch time it will always be pack with peoples....
and there is set lunch that you can choose ....

Environment : Look very homely ... may be due to this place has been run quite a long time ago ... it somehow has the aroma where some people cannot accept ... but total ratings for the enviroment will be 6 /10

Food :their food come with a big portion... so no worries guys ... ratings 8/10

pricing : their pricing is quite reasonable ... for a set of drinks, starter, main course , and a desert is between Rm15-20

however the location of this place is terrible as it is located on a land mark that does not have parking spot... so might need to park some distance away from the restaurant..

fill with pictures... from Italy
pumpkin soup

potato crisp with mushroom
black pepper chicken with spaghetti
chicken penne

so here is some sites about this place too


Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Own 20's

well it has been a while since i have blog ... n so i will start here since my best fren ( kah mun's) nag me that i need to blog at least about my birthday haha ... so here goes...

well i have my birthday surprises from my boy friend 1st ... we had breakfast in a normal coffee shop which sells the most incredible pork chops n other delicious food ... its just a normal breakfast as i miss their pork chop so much ....

after that we went to midvalley to buy my birthday present ... its a ring lol its not a proposal ring but its just a normal ring which dun have any other meaning ...
i love it lots thx my dear ^^

after all these ... i went home to get ready to go out with him for dinner ... i do not know wat have he planned for me ..... but in the end he brought me to victoria station to have our dinner ... its just for the both of us ...

on our way home ... i didnt though that there was another round waiting for me ... i went to viva home for some stalker (overtime beer) ... well its all my boy fren's friend ... i was not surprise at all ... but its surprises me when Shee ken, Esmund, Tjun jin and Jen yih was there too when i m gonna blow my birthday candle ...

thank you darling ming yau to plan all these for me ^^ i m happy enuff for all these ...
surrise tat u guys were there thx guys...
the man who always ask me where m i y r u not in office haha
kok liang leng chai
me n my darling ...

well the next day ... i did not have any plan but just to stay home cos after drinking too much of alcohol in overtime the other night ... but Kah Mun seems to lik wan me to go out cos its my birthday ... so i went out with her for lunch at pavillion ... well she generously cheng me for lunch in Din TAi FUng ... well as i was carving for siew long bao ... ^^ thx kah mun for bringing me out

thx kah mun for the lovely cake


after that day ... kah mun n jian had make a birthday lunch for me too ... i was not surprised at all as they told me their plan for the day already ... well i went with kah mun to leisure mall to take my birthday cake ... n jian gonna wait us in my house... i ws kinda odd why the hell jian need to fetch us from my house instead of kah mun house or other places.. hmmm well i dint care much but just complain jian punya planning suck ...haha sorry jian ...

so the plan goes as accordingly ... we arrive at the restaurant that we planned ... MIKAN Japanese cuisine ... well the food there was F- delicious ... i would lik to go there once again pls haha ... but jian really dint planned as wat it is .. its over his budget of " belanjaing " us ... well ended up al of us digging our purse for cash !!! omg its embarrassing...when all the waiter was staring at us ... >.<
sour chicken
California roll
4 types of shasimi

shark fin cawamusi
salmon skin n the fish with terriaki source
grill beef ...
cream cheese large prawn (fuking delicious)
duck belly ...

behind is the manager n the chef
best fren

ok ok ... after this ... we went to sing k ... i had a great time .. but it seem lik kah mun were emo cos she said she cant hear her own voice .. hais ... she then goes back early

... then after tat we ( jian n my sis n me of course) went back to my house ... as i open my bed room door i stunned for a while GUESS WHAT ??

thx for all the surprises JIan ... i really love it so much ... n u really gave me a fright ... n thx kah mun .. for the presents n the cake !!! i love it so much ... muaks love u both really much ... n thx for those who wrote on the piece of paper .. that happens to kill me for search everything .@@
i was kinda shock actually
putting into pieces wat ppl have wrote...
very deficult la !!

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